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of the special interest loopholes and here is the amazing part, that bill passed the united states senate 97-3. that is bipartisanship. call me optimist but i think there is the opportunity to get that deal. >>neil: conservatives were critical of ronald reagan for giving away allowances and breaks. but he did so to get a deal. that was called "negotiating." >>guest: in the end it was a great deal. the only problem was what has happened in the subsequent 25 years we keep adding to the tax code all o the garbage and all of the termites that are destroying the tax system. i like the idea of a reform and i would not, i do think there is a chance we could get entitlement reform which is harder than the tax reform. >>neil: i think you are right, steve. thank you very much. >>guest: optimistic today. >>neil: call it a demand for apple's iphone with sales chiling more than 1 percent, with the launch of the new iphone 5 fueling that increase because electronics-related sales surged 4.5 percent but high gas prices pushed the sales higher. is this economy really strengthening? my guest is not buying it
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reinforce investors' faith in anything of the united states but will lead to more sell offs. >>guest: there you go. that is right. four days after we passed the budget control act of 2011 we had a downgrade by moody's and s&p, now we are talking about being put peoplely on the negative watch. what will happen with investors that do not want to put their money in? worse than that, what if they think their taxes will go from 15 percent to 25 percent? you can see a huge sell off in the stock market. that would create a lost -- a lot of uncertainty. 14 out of 17 economists say this is more critical than the european debt crisis. this should be talked about on every single news broadcast tonight but it won't be because they are talking about big bird. it is ridiculous. >>neil: you are right it is a big development. we are on it. thank you very much. >> we are not forgetting this. we are headed out there, washington, for that wipe out, to avoid it as the fiscal wave crashes down on all of us. that is indeed the fiscal wave. that is you, the taxpayer. we will see how you do. you think you a
. it is also similar to the fact that vans and vehicles we have seen used in the united states and overseas are extremely dangerous and deadly and cause tremendous damage. in the 1993 world trade center bombing, it got into the building and to the packing -- parking levels and the floors pancaked. the f.b.i. found out who was responsibility. in this case the federal reserve bank, there would not be a way to get into the packing area. this is a guarded facility where they --. >>neil: we do not know how close he got but he had 1,000 pounds explosive material it would do some damage to that building and others. >>guest: i know that area very well having worked there many years. liberty street intersecting broadway and going through the financial district. whatever would happen through the canyons of glass and steel you would feel it physically and literally down the halls and down to the stock exchange with some damage incurred depend on the size of the device. >>neil: these are narrow streets and clustered together. thank you. the target was the new york federal reserve bank. that may sound l
is totally unique from the rest of the united states. in fact, i am not sure that the action will make much of a difference because october 31 was the date when the refiners were going to be switching to the winter blend and most of them already were producing that winter blend in anticipation of that october 31st day. i don't really see the governor's action doing much. >> is the winter blend cheaper? >>guest: it is. there are unique requirements in order to keep the pollution level down. the summer blend is needed to achieve better air quality. >> why not go with the cheaper blend now? >>guest: that is what california is doing. >> why not nationally? why not just do it? i got a good one, why not lift the blending requirement completely? >>guest: because if you did lit that blinding requirement you would only achieve a 3 cent a gallon savings. you have --. >> not according to jerry brown, he said it --. >>guest: i already said that, nationally, eric, suspending the air quality standards for gasoline fuel blends will not make a difference. >> why do you say it is only unique to california?
to me. this is the highest responsibility of the president of the united states. >>neil: is a high priority for my next guest, a state with a huge navy presence, virginia republican governor with us. governor, what did you make of the dismissive view, the president's view of navy, not like the old days, quit focusing on the past and what was big then? >>guest: well, i thought it was an unbelievable statement to compare horses and bayonets to naval ships today. the defense review says we need 346 ships. >>neil: but panetta used the world war i analogy, his defense secretary but when he used that, the aircraft carriers and all that, that the aircraft carriers threat on war, by i degrees. do you think the president helped or hurt himself? i got a laugh in the press room, the spin room, but it did not resonate at home? >>guest: it hurt for him. in virginia it hurts our country if this policy goes into play. we are headed to 250 ships. china is on the upswing with ships and it undermines the ability the american war fighter to maintain a strong presence for good around the world and for
populated area of the united states, washington, dc, boston, that corridor. people are thinking it is no big deal. i say did my friends in manhattan, no big deal and you live on the 35th floor and you don't have power for five days? you will be in good shape at the end of five days. >>neil: and we are getting close to the election a week after next, if you are right and i don't is right and this is a doozy power could be out for a significant amount of time or through election day. how likely is that? what do you think officials do, and it is just a guess, do they extend voting hours? does this get to be a november 7th vote? >>guest: you may not have power, and, again, i focus on manhattan because that is where you are, but say that there is not power in manhattan on that day you can still hold elections you just have to do it the old fashioned way, maybe you citizen -- extend the voting areas for 24 hours. it is not just election boards but wall street, it is verizon, everyone, should be having the contingency plans in place, think about the worst case scenario, again, i'm not talking about
don't worry,f you don't want to leave the united states forever they will give you a return ticket, as well. jetbluto the rescue for those politically frustrated folks, when your guy loses. that's it for "studio b." now "your world." >>neil: thank you. indeed, we are here for the big debate looking at all sides of it on a day we doled that the economy will be front and center. also, on a day we got two extreme sets of numbers on the economy the one painting a pretty good picture, the other not so promising. but an issue we are told mitt romney wants to bring present and center tonight is the debt. how much we as a country owe. at $16 trillion, plus, remember, it was republicans would made that debt clock a big deal. they want to make a big deal of it tonight. they are saying it strangles america's ability to get a handle on finances and your very future. a lot of parents are less optimistic for their kids obtaining anything approaching the success they had. if that is true it would be a generational first and something we will hear spun in the spin room which we are broadcasting. t
) and you cannot do anything and volume abroad is affected because many tradeoff of the united states back and forth. do you think there will be long term financial impact from this? >> no, i don't think so. it is a natural disaster, there are a lot of thens going on. it will not really impact long-term confidence but the interruption like this is what most people understand and they are understanding about it. >>neil: people forget about that area, and you know this, it is very slow and the areas get very flooded and it happened after 9/11 when there was a great deal of flooding of the existing backup systems and that was among the reasons why there was a delayed opening of the exchanges. obviously, you are keeping an eye on water levels, right? >>guest: of course. many of the other financial firms in lower manhattan and everywhere in the city where we have workers who are stranded or particularly around the edges of the rivers, that is the storm subject -- surge area will be at the highest. >>neil: it will be hard to get in or out of that area, with holland tunnel closed and artery by ar
prm us knghe do the road will fought reinforce investors' faith in anything of the united states but will lead to more sell offs. >>guest: there you go. that is right. butr af1 we pdhe d doad moody's and s&p, now we are talking about being put peoplely on the negative watch. what will happen with investors that do not want to put their money in? ththes wo mat wat ifey er t percent? you can see a huge sell off in the stock market. that would create a lost -- a lot of uncertainty. 14 out of 17 economists say this is morerih t european debt crisis. this should be talked about on every single news broadcast tonight but it won't be because they are talking about big bird. it is ridiculous. >>neil: you are right it is a dop. reit anu uc. >> we are not forgetting this. we are headed out there, washinon, for that wipe out, to avoid it as the fiscal wave crashes wn on a of us. that isindeed the fcal w. iou tye w eou do. you think you are okay. ing is okay. looking go. oops, this is so important, we will be live in washington,c, onur kngff10cost oed m. eer o talking about this. everyone is
and the united states. many of those countries are our allies or friends. >>neil: if the emperor has no clothes he is desperate? >>guest: yes, we have seen this in other countries and china. there are a lot of things going in the wrong direction and we are not really trying to acknowledge that. we are not averaging that, therefore, we are creating the conditions where this could be worse. >>neil: gordon, thank you, i think. the expert on china warned about this long before anyone knew about it. ed henry is following the president in las vegas on how the white house is dealing with the cyber attacks they are not making a big deal of it, right? >>guest: they trying to tamp it down by saying that no classified information was accessed by the chinese. the fact of matter is this was an attack and the administration is not denying that. they are just trying to say it turned out to be non-that big -- not that big of a deal. here is a statement from a senior official: this was a pure phishing attack against an unclassified network. we have mit station measures in place. in this instance the attack was
$16 trillion in debt, the debt per person in the united states america has gone from $34,000 to close to $51 $51,000. we need to look at things such as the gasoline prices which on inauguration day for president obama was $1.84. now we are close to $4. think of the tens of thousands that have been spent for families to keep up with the gas prices, the high commodity prices we see in the grocery stores that are continuing to cause us trouble and the fact that we have an incredible unemployment situation in the united states of america at -- that is not reflected in 8.1 percent. we need the right regulation policies and tax policies to get small businesses funding, make sure we are open for business and we can get production and manufacturing back here and get people back to work. it is important to talk about that after a revision of the g.d.p. numbers in the second quarter down to 1.3 percent. that is below anemic. we are not out of the fiscal woods yet. >>neil: we talk about economic numbers. you preferred to the g.d.p. data. just today, congressman, we had surprisingly strong growth
. the real issue for the united states is to put a world map up from 2001 and one for 2012 and the expansion, the gentleman graphic california reach and the numbers of people fighting for al qaeda and their allies have grown a great deal in the last decade and no one is reporting on at "new york times" or the "washington post" and we are providing air support or we did in libya, to people who are, really, in afghanistan they would be called the taliban. the obama era as far as the militancy has been head in the sander a and america will pay for it very dearly. >>neil: i hope you are wrong, michael. but you have been prescient. thank you. >> early voting, early advantage if this guy? not if north carolina is any indication where early or later, mitt romney could be it. that is after this. [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd
. it has been monitoring united states elections for the better part of a decade but this time around, liberal activists are coordinating with these guys to watch for any hint of vote are suppression by conservatives. the attorney general of the state of next will not have anything to do with it. it is a weird kind of a group of what looks like a coalition of forces. what do they do? show up at sites and what are they supposed to do? >>guest: well, our concern is we don't know what they are doing, that is why we are raising a red flag. in are laws in the state of texas and we expect this u.n.-related partner and their affiliates to abide by texas laws and we sent them a message that if they fail to do so, they are subject to criminal prosecution. let me make this point, and that is, you talked about how liberal activists have gotten associated with this group and they had a meeting with this group in april and the activists include project vote, project vote is an affiliate of acorn, the now disgraced organization that was involved in vote are fraud. we need to make sure in texas we d
the president of the united states. [ applause ] >> thank you, everyone, let me shake sure i urge the folks who are here because they have played an important role in this. first of all, your congressional delegation, senator bob menendez, sing lautenberg and congressman, and atlantic county executive, and the mayor of briganttine. i thank everyone who has been involved in the entire rescue and recovery process. at the top of my list i have to say that governor christie throughout this process has been responsive. he has been aggressive in making sure that the state got out in front of this incredible storm. and the people of new jersey recognize that he has put his heart and soul into making sure the people of new jersey bounce back even stronger than before so i thank him for his extraordinary leadership and partnership. i thank the congressional delegation because part of the reason we are going to be able to respond quickly to all of this is because they helped to make sure that fema financing was in place. we are very appreciative of those efforts. i thank craig fugate. sometimes people th
where he has exported jobs from the united states and then do you think romney has any foreign policy understanding of what is going on in the middle east? did president obama coming into office? >> no. >>neil: if you argue he has done great on phone policy and he knew nothing about it going in, maybe that is not the signature issue. >> well, it is not an issue that, let me put it this way, is romney going to lose on foreign policy? the answer is, no, unless he does another tour of foreign countries. >> he can do nothing right, and i am shocked if you admit it, you have a gifted sense of plumier, and last night, i was at the dinner and quoted both of these guys, they were great, but romney was, like, like bob newhart on steroids and that has far bigger impact. what do you say? >> i didn't get my invitation. >>neil: you are not important. >> no, i am not. >>neil: and i had a rented tux. >> did you wait a white tie? >>neil: no but i waited on tables. what do you make of the remarks? >> i thought romney was good. he is funny. he was, of course, no one is not funny at those things because
of the country, not to depend on prospects that are 75 percent out of the united states the i started out with little and i have a great company with 5,000 employees and i don't want to see this go up in smoke if we can't get our act together. >>neil: do you think that is likely? say you do something like this, the end the year they pun, they decide whether it is president obama re-elected or mitt romney elected, that they extend all the coming spending cuts, all the expiring tax rates extend them for another six months and re-elect a president and congress or a newly elected president and congress, do something more substancive in the new year. >>guest: as much as i hate kicking the can down the road, again, it is just not feasible to come up with comprehensive tax reform and a whole new deal for entitlements between november 7 and december 31. so, practically speaking, that is the most likely and probably the most reasonable thing to do. but come the day after inauguration, when the house is back in session we need to get going on this thing and solve this problem. >>neil: is there a po
the united states and his administration, opening up negotiations with our number one, arguably, enemy there, the muslim brotherhood. we have requests for security which they will not give yet our guys in paris seem to get all of the security they want. >>neil: they were blaming that on republicans. >>guest: well, of course, of course, it is very easy to blame the republicans. that is nonsense. it's any descriptive word you want to use. i just think that for the vice president to turn around and same in the same breath that iran and not have a delivery system, that goes miles to tell the american people that not only is he totally in another world and disconnected but the administration back what he said because no one has backed away from that statement since last night. you are left with two choices, he lied or he is not important enough to influence so, either way it is damning indict. thank you, win simmons. your book is a chilling parallel to what is going on in the middle east. a sobering wake-up call. >>guest: thank you for having me. >>neil: he looked up to jack kemp and was a vice p
in the united states. by the way it is a great way to increase investment on out sourcing to china and india and germany and france. i find it to an job killer. do not have this giant tax increase but this is an example of the president putting fairness over growth. >> we have heard someone from the administration admitting letting tax cuts expire is a tax increase to the petroleum. >>guest: that is a good point. they is denied this is a tax increase and biden is now the truth teller of this administration. it is something we have been saying for the last four years. when you let the taxes go up, that is a tax increase, that is not a tax decrease. it is not preventing a tax cut. this is not a big give away to the rip the i looked at the data because i was involved in 23 tree when president public did that tax cut, we had a record inflow of tax revenues from capital gains and dividends after we cut the rates. if you had me on a year from now and president obama is re-elected and he gaza forward with the tax increases we will get less money from capital gains and dividends than if we kept the
understand an act of terror is something that is directed against the united states, against our best interests. >>neil: but what confused them ,e act of terror, whatever you call it, was precipitated by a film on mohammed and not something pre-planned which gets into the weeds but cuts to the heart of the administration's argument that it was being disingenuous with the american people. >>guest: will, i don't think so. when the president was this in the rose garden september 12 talking about the deaths of the ambassador and his security detail he made it clear i was an act of terror that we were looking for the culprits. we will bring them to justice. we have to reconstruct the seen to determine who is sponsible go after them. that is what he will do. that is what he has done pursuing terrorists all overtime globe, taking down bin laden. >>neil: you do not think harry reid has been inconsistent and different people in the administration are saying different things leading to the notion this is a confused foreign policy and now we have the wrinkle of drones studying and videotaping th
Search Results 0 to 35 of about 36 (some duplicates have been removed)